Route-Choice Modelle in der Luftfracht

The airfreight market is highly competitive, therefore it is important to know, on which characteristics the consumer bases his decisions. There are different kind of methods to point out the importance of one characteristic. One of these are the route choice models. These models include an itinerary choice model that is used to allocate the air total demand of a city pair to different itineraries. Multinomial logit (MNL) are commonly used in practice and capture how individuals make trade-offs among different itinerary attributes. In case of this master thesis it is not possible to use this model for the overall market, due to the historical data which are provided only on an evaluation of a part of the market.
To consider the market as a whole another model was developed to identify the weights of distinctive characteristics. Based on historical data about the total demand of every origin and destination pair the linear Programme (LPs) allocate a freight to each available capacity. Also, the model generates weights for the different characteristics to interpret them more easily. Overall both models lead to the same result. The most important attribute is the direct flight, which is most highly rated by both models.