Contents of seminar courses

For our seminar courses, you subsequently find a short description which can help you to assess the topics to be covered in the respective courses. For seminars with a limited number of participants, the application details are published in the Wiwi portal during the faculty-wide assignment phase.


Modern OR and Innovative Logistics (limited number of participants, Bachelor & Master)

The seminar aims at the presentation, critical evaluation and exemplary discussion of recent questions in discrete optimization. The focus lies on optimization models and algorithms, also with regard to their applicability in practical cases (especially in Supply Chain and Health Care Management). The students get in touch with scientific working: The in-depth work with a special scientific topic makes the students familiar with scientific literature research and argumentation methods. As a further aspect of scientific work, especially for Master students the emphasis is put on a critical discussion of the seminar topic. Regarding the seminar presentations, the students will be familiarized with basic presentational and rhetoric skills.