Modelling Demand and Deployment of Emergency Medical Services

  • Tagungsort:

    Geb. 11.40, Raum 253

  • Datum:

    22. Januar 2013 

  • Referent:

    Prof. Paul Harper und Dr. Vincent Knight, Operational Research Group, School of Mathematics, Universität Cardiff (Großbritannien)

  • Zeit:

    17:30 Uhr

Modelling Demand and Deployment of Emergency Medical Services

Response time targets for the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust (WAST) are not currently being met, particularly for high priority emergencies in rural areas. Collaborative work between WAST and the Cardiff OR Group, has explored the use of different research methodologies to assist WAST with decisions on ambulance locations, capacities and deployments. This talk will provide an overview of the different approaches and tools developed, including forecasting demand, timedependent queueing models and optimisation for crew rostering, a geographical discrete event simulation and location theory for locations and deployment, and phase-type models to explore the impact of ambulance turn-around times at hospitals.