Overview of the Results on Emergency Planning Strategies

  • chair:

    Institutskolloquium des IOR

  • place:

    Gebäude 05.20, Raum 4A-09

  • sws:

    15. Juni 2023

  • Referent:

    Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala, Tribhuvan University (Nepal)

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Overview of the Results on Emergency Planning Strategies

A large number of mathematical models have been developed to address the emerging issues caused by natural as well as human created disasters. The network flows are the central and widely used operational research models in existence. The scope of these efficient solution approaches is not only limited to achieve the optimum solutions of these computationally challenging optimization problems, but also helpful to explore their applicability in practice supporting the SDG goals in the disaster prone countries.
This presentation will be focused on sketching a number of network flow models and their solution strategies with main two objectives - maximization of the flow values within the specific evacuation time and minimization of the time to be required for an evacuation of given amount of flow value. Both single and multi-commodity flow problems will be discussed and various algorithms will be illustrated with case studies and examples. The modifications of flow models with lane reversals strategies and their impact on the evacuation plans will be explored.
Keywords: Emergency planning, network optimization,